Reflecting on Teaching and Learning

‘In a culture that sometimes equates work with suffering, it is revolutionary to suggest that the best inward sign of vocation is deep gladness – revolutionary but true’. Parker J. Palmer 2007.

Teaching and learning have been in my blood all my life.  Both parents and my eldest brother were teachers, but I have not really reflected deeply on the process until recent times.  Three ‘chapters’ have prompted these reflections:

  1. My PhD research at Melbourne University, Victoria, ‘Putting them into the hands of God‘, a case study into a wonderful Christian school
  2. Leading three Christian schools in three Australian states and starting my own education business
  3. Pioneering the first teacher training award, the Master of Teaching (Primary) in Alphacrucis College

Dr Jim Twelves
BSc(Hons), PGCE, Grad Dip Ed Admin, MEd, PhD


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